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Stacy Bourns is the author of the YA novels The Birdcatcher, Artemis Rising, and Daughter of the Earth as well as The Ghost Club Mysteries a new middle school series. She lives in Texas with her husband, three children, and far too many rescue cats and dogs.

The Birdcatcher was her first published novel, quickly followed by its sequel Artemis Rising. She is hard at work on other titles.


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Coming Soon

Look for this and other books from Stacy in the near future.

The Birdcatcher Series Book Three
Lodestar : Available Now

After a harrowing transatlantic crossing and a frightening stay in Five Points, New York City's worst slum, British immigrant Alice Davison believes that her tribulations are over. Despite the best efforts of both human and inhuman foes to kill her, she manages to board a small steam ship bound for Texas where she happily reunites with her family. Rested, clean, and well-fed, it seems that at last she can focus on her future with Sir Henry Falkner.
However, life has more surprises in store for her. And not the good kind of surprises.
Discovering that her sister and her beau are still alive is just the first bombshell on this voyage. When they encounter a fierce storm as their ship rounds the Florida Keys and are subsequently thrown into the path of an equally terrible danger, Alice must find the courage she needs to keep herself, her loved ones, and even her shipmates alive.
Filled with adventure, supernatural creatures, and romance, this final installment in the Birdcatcher trilogy uniquely portrays the challenges of coming of age and immigration in 19th century America.