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Stacy Bourns is the author of the YA novels The Birdcatcher, Artemis Rising, and Daughter of the Earth as well as The Ghost Club Mysteries a new middle school series. She lives in Texas with her husband, three children, and far too many rescue cats and dogs.

The Birdcatcher was her first published novel, quickly followed by its sequel Artemis Rising. She is hard at work on the final installment and other titles.


All books are currently available to purchase on the Amazon Kindle Store. Read them on your Kindles, phones, tablets and computers. The Kindle reader app is free for Android and Apple devices, available from Google Play and iTunes.

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Coming Soon

Look for this and other books from Stacy in the near future.

Against the Clock: A Ghost Club Mystery
Ages 9-12
Coming Summer 2014

The Ghost Club encounters a less than friendly spirit when a new friend, Sophia, invites Abby and Megan to witness the ghostly goings-on in her house. While her parents are unconcerned about the knocking sounds and the flickering lights, the Ghost Club girls know there’s something paranormal behind these events.

When Sophia’s parents begin to blame her for the poltergeist’s increasingly scary pranks, Elsa, Abby, Haley, and Megan must race against the clock to banish the vengeful spirit.